6 Unique RV Destinations You Can Visit This Summer

Summer is peak vacation time across the country and world. Whether you’re staying close to home, traveling abroad, or looking for somewhere you’ve never been to before…

Summer is peak vacation time across the country and world. Whether you’re staying close to home, traveling abroad, or looking for somewhere you’ve never been to before, these 6 summer road trip destinations are sure to forge unforgettable memories for you and your family.

1. Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is a lovely coastal park located on the coast of Maine and a birdwatcher’s paradise. There are plenty of activities for this park, whether it be good old-fashioned hiking and biking, taking a canoe out into the waters, or getting some extreme climbing done. Acadia is a New England wonderland worth exploring. Acadia suffers from a lack of hookups like many other National Parks. You can stay in certain areas if you’re willing to dry camp but even those are far and few between. Your best bet is to pick a great RV park with facilities and amenities around the Bar Harbor area—you are close to Acadia and get all the fun that Bar Harbor offers as well.

2. Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier in Washington state is one of a few peaks outside of the Rocky Mountain chain that peaks at over 14,000 feet, making it an excellent destination for those looking for high adventure. Not to mention, it’s cool to hike up an active volcano! If you don’t think you can take on the peak, there is still plenty to do from the rolling meadows of wildflowers to subalpine forest exploration. There are no RV camping sites with hookups within Mount Rainier National Park, though there are campgrounds that will allow RV dry camping like Cougar Rock and White River. Pick a reliable RV park right outside the grounds as the local area has more to offer than just Mount Rainier, and you’ll get your creature comforts.

3. Rocky Mountain National Park

Though snow typically stops in Denver around April, it can continue in nearby Rocky Mountain National Park well into the spring, and sometimes into the early parts of summer. Summer, with its better conditions and open trail roads, provides the most comfortable trip to Rocky Mountain National Park, located within a two-drive of Denver. The summer months offer plenty of great hikes, views, and wildlife spotting in this popular destination. There are plenty of great RV campgrounds in nearby Estes Park or Lyons, Colorado. Try Manor RV Park, outfitted with several amenities for your RV and you. The Estes Park KOA is also a fan-favorite.

4. Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake National Park in southern Oregon was formed from the remnants of the destroyed volcano, Mount Mazama. The fifth oldest National Park, Crater Lake’s stunning blue waters draw thousands of visitors every year to look over this intriguing landscape. Visitors can explore the old growth forests, take a scenic drive around the lake, or explore the area through the extensive trail system. Unlike many of the other national parks, Crater Lake does have some RV grounds with hookups, found in Mazama Campground; reservations go quickly for these spots so make sure you book well in advance. If you’d like to be closer to civilization, you can choose one of the full-service RV parks in the surrounding area.

5. The Gulf Coast

The Gulf Coast is an excellent destination if you’re with kids or with your spouse. If you’re going without children, the Gulf Coast has many options like Biloxi for gambling, or Mobile for some World War II history at the USS Alabama. If you’re with the kids, you can take them to play and splash around in the warm Gulf waters on one of its many sugar-sand beaches. Popular Gulf Coast destinations include Biloxi, Gulf Shores, Destin, and plenty more. Being a great summertime spot, the Gulf Coast has many great RV parks. Great parks include Henderson Beach State Park in Destin, Florida, Sugar Sands RV Resort in Mobile, Alabama, and Cajun RV Park in Biloxi, Mississippi.

6. Boundary Waters Canoe Area

The Boundary Waters Canoe Area is over one million acres of untouched lakes and forests jutting into the Superior National Forest in Northeastern Minnesota. There are miles of wilderness to explore by foot, bike, and of course, canoe. You can take guided canoe trips or fishing expeditions; the Boundary Waters was made for the real outdoorsman.

There are many RV parks and campgrounds located around the Boundary Waters. Many of them are full service, offering up not only a place to stay but marinas and even guided tours. Just pick the park that has what you want to do. Summer is the ideal time to experience the Boundary Waters as the rest of the seasons are downright cold. You are in the far reaches of Minnesota after all, known for frigid temperatures and regular ice storms. Try summer for mild temperatures and much more pleasant weather.

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